Prenatal screening is aimed at early diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions that may affect the normal course of pregnancy.

Includes all research methods and treatments performed on couples trying to have a baby.

Center for Reproductive and Fetal Medicine

- Dr. Alexandros Traianos, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Fetal Medicine -

Dr. Alexandros Traianos is a Gynecologist specializing in Assisted Reproduction and Fetal Medicine. His specialties took place in the largest hospitals in London (Kings College Hospital, Homerton University Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital). His scientific interest is focused on Fetal Medicine and the Reproductive Medicine

He specializes in Microsurgery / Laparoscopic Surgery at World Laparoscopy Hospital of New Delhi, India. A member of  European Society of Reproductive Medicine (ESHRE) and a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians-Gynecologists.

It supports scientific excellence in clinical practice and recognizes the possibilities that modern reproductive methods offer couples who want to have their own child.

Infertility is influenced by many factors. In 1/3 of the cases the problem is found in the man, 1/3 in the woman and 1/3 in both partners.


Prenatal screening ensures timely diagnosis of chromosomal or genetic abnormalities as well as curable conditions and screening for risk factors that could potentially affect the normal course of pregnancy.


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- Methods designed to facilitate the conception of a child, including IVF methods. -


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